Tim Kressin shares his stories from the Pacific Northwest.

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Every story matters. From life’s big moments to extreme adventures to spontaneous good times, share the stories that matter most to you.

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Tips and Tricks

Learn to Take The Best Shots of People

Photographing people in public requires a mixture of technical skill and the ability to beguile total strangers into posing. Nailing the technical side will help you make the most of your opportunities. When you make these decisions with confidence, on the fly, your chances of capturing those unforgettable faces are much improved.

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Preserve Your Travel Memories

It seems impossible that you could ever forget any of the memorable details from a great trip. Unfortunately, what seemed unforgettable in the moment has a tendency to fade with time. Writer/photographer and Matador contributing editor Kate Siobhan shares her tips and tricks for capturing your travel memories.

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