Photo Series: My LA

Angelenos in Their Favorite Spots

Photo Series: My LA

For the past few years I‘ve been documenting Angelenos in their favorite LA places; specifically the tastemakers and the up and comers who are interested in revealing how the city shapes them.

Anthea Raymond – Journalist/Kayaker

Journalist and key LA Kayak Club member Anthea Raymond told me that the LA River had been officially opened as a navigable waterway again after 80 years. To capture her connection to it I stood in the rushing flow while my assistant was up on the bank with an off-camera strobe.

Alexandrine (Drinie) Aguilar – Yoga Instructor

This shot was most definitely collaborative. Alexandrine let me know her favorite LA location to instruct yoga is on Venice Beach, and I had always wanted to photograph a model wearing a gown on the swings there. The last bit was to get the right gown and, well, of course, a graceful pose while swinging on one foot!

Ben Gottlieb – Lifeguard 

A real Los Angeles lifeguard. An amazing sunny day in California. Ben agreed to take a plunge so it would look like he just rescued somebody; however, shadow from high morning light on Ben’s face wouldn’t do. I set up a strobe in front of him and waited until he revealed his determined attitude to get this shot.

Charrisma Cordero Snyder – Editor

Charrisma is an amazing TV and film editor who has a name to match her persona. She is pictured here on The Strand in Santa Monica, CA with an antique celluloid editing machine. I wanted an active photo and it came together when she started to have fun as if she were directing the action.

Daniel Musto – Wardrobe Stylist

Wardrobe stylist Daniel Musto is constantly on the move so I wanted to capture his active side. We shot outside Daniel’s favorite place to shop: Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills.

Jennifer Wickenkamp – Retoucher

It is possible to find your balance on one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles as long as you know how to hold the pose. That was our mission for this shot — that, and to capture it during dipping sunset light because we were, appropriately, capturing the moment on the famed Sunset Blvd.  

Samarria Brevard – Pro Skateboarder

After seeing Samarria Brevard win the WB Supergirl competition I just had to photograph her. We took these on a late afternoon at her favorite West LA skate park, firing off some 50 shots in L RAW format with a SanDisk Extreme Pro CF card to keep up.

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