Sandscape Built by Wind

Exploring the Badan Jilin Desert

Sandscape Built by Wind

We drove for hours through the Badan Jilin desert in China and the immense dunes were mesmerizing. I decided to use a longer lens to extract a portion of the landscape that would convey the endless feeling of the dunes and waited until the light was low enough to sculpt them.

We had hoped to photograph camels in the dunes in the Badan Jilin desert, but didn't like the area in which we initially found them. We arranged for them to come to this area where they could walk on the middle ledge or the top ledge to provide for some silhouettes as the sun set. It was a bonus when we saw the unusual extended shadows that traversed the valley of the dune as the sun lowered in the sky.

All images © Ellen Anon

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Ellen Anon

Ellen Anon depends on reliable cards when faced with extreme environmental conditions.
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